Personality Assessments

  • I have extensive experience in conducting personality evaluations for personal issues and for court purposes.
  • Through clinical interviews and established psychological testing, I can assess the client’s character and identify more effective therapeutic approaches.
  • An evaluation takes several meetings and a report will be prepared addressing the referring issues.

Custody/Access Assessments

  • I have extensive experience conducting Custody/Access Assessments.
  • I will establish with the lawyers the issues to be addressed.
  • I will then meet with the parents, the children and gain information from significant others (grandparents, doctors, teachers, etc.).
  • I will prepare a report detailing the assessment and designing a Parenting Plan that would be most effective.
  • An assessment will usually take about three months to complete.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • I assess clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.
  • The client will be interviewed and complete psychological tests to identify troubling issues resulting from the accident.
  • I will develop a therapeutic plan to address the troubling concerns.
  • I will serve as primary psychotherapist to resolve these issues.